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MNLL Rewards and Recognition Program

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1. The League President provides this Umpire Rewards and Recognition Program to establish the guidance and the procedures to be followed in the rewards and recognition of Murrieta National Little League (MNLL) Volunteer Umpires for Spring 2019. 

2. In order to express our gratitude to our umpires for volunteering their time to MNLL, items will be rewarded and recognition certificates will be presented to our umpires in accordance to these guidelines.

3. It is also the hope that this Rewards Program allows our umpires to earn their own umpire gear kit and express our appreciation.


Umpires will receive 1 credit for each game umpired. Credit will be earned for umpiring games in divisions AA and above. Credit will be earned equally for working either the bases or the plate. 
Credit will be earned for both the umpire and a Team’s Umpiring Games Requirement for the season. 

The Umpire in Chief (UIC) will track all games umpired and will coordinate the request of the earned items.

The items will be awarded once an umpire accumulates the corresponding umpiring games for that item.

Umpiring game credits will continue to accumulate even after an item has been earned and will count towards the next item. Items will be presented in the sequence they were earned or if there are two items; the individual umpire will be given a choice of one of the two items or an item of lesser points.

An umpire will carry over credit for games umpired beginning from the Spring 2017 Season indefinitely until that umpire maxes out at thirty-five (35) games. Once 35 games are umpired, that umpire will re-set to zero (0) games and will start over. There is no time limit on how long an umpire can carry over games umpired starting from the Spring 2017 Season. 

For example, if an individual umpired 10 games in Spring 2017 and 12 games in Fall 2017, that umpire will commence the Spring 2018 season with 22 games umpired and will accumulate points for games umpired until that umpire reaches the max of 35 points.


The below is the umpired game requirement for each item: 


Black Umpire Hat     5 $18.00
Under Dry Shirt       10 $12.50
Polo Umpire Shirt    15 $35.00

Duffle Bag                       20 $30.00

Umpire Jacket or Shin    25 $35.00/$36.00

Chest Protector or Mask            30 $51.00/$55.00

Umpire Pants w/Belt    35 $65.00/$100.00
or Plate Shoes or Base Shoes

Note: The Umpire Hat, Polo Shirt, Duffel Bag and Umpire Jacket will have the umpire’s name and MNLL’s Logo embroidered on the item.


Umpires are a unique part of Murrieta National Little League Baseball Program. As such, umpires deserve to be honored and recognized for their efforts at the end of the season.
The below Certificates of Appreciation will be presented:

A. Certificates of Appreciation. All who umpired at least five games will receive a certificate of Appreciation signed by the President of the League.

B. Iron Man Award. The umpire who accumulates the most games umpired will be the recipient of the “Iron Man” Award. There will be one “Iron Man” for the Volunteer Umpire and one “Iron Man” for the Junior Umpire. 

C. Mr. Blue. Managers will be asked to vote for the umpire they believe consistently made the right call.

In addition, those umpires who elect to participate, will be introduced during MNLL Opening Ceremony.

The UIC will be familiar with and supervise the Rewards and Recognition Program. 
Refer all questions about this program to the UIC.


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