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The game of baseball has been called America's pastime and has been played and enjoyed in the United States for several centuries. It is a sport with a unique language with words such as double play, grand slam, and foul ball commonly used. To help you learn more about the language of baseball, we have assembled some of the words you would hear if you attended or watched a game.

  • At-Bat - This is the status of a batter that steps up to the home plate to try and get a base hit off the pitcher.
  • Base Hit - A base hit is when the batter hits the ball so that the fielding team does not get the batter out.
  • Base - In baseball, there are three bases and home plate, which the players go around to score a run.
  • Baseball - This is both the sport's name and the small ball used during the game.
  • Bat - A piece of baseball equipment made of wood used by the batter to hit the baseball.
  • Batter - The player attempting to hit the ball that is pitched to them and trying to hit it so far that the other team does not catch it.
  • Closer - The closer is the pitcher who is called upon to finish pitching when the team is ahead.
  • Double Play - A defensive play in which two outs occur during an at-bat.
  • Double - This is the scoring calculated when an uncaught ball results in players reaching second base.
  • Fly Ball - When a batter hits the ball into the air in the field of play.
  • Foul Ball - If a batter hits a ball outside the field of play, it is called a foul ball.
  • Foul Line - The line that separates fair territory and foul territory is called the foul line, which extends from home plate to the outfield fence.
  • Foul Territory - Any gameplay that occurs beyond the foul line is in foul territory. 
  • Grand Slam - When the team at bat has runners on each of the bases, and the batter hits a home run, all the runners score on a grand slam home run.
  • Ground Ball - If a batter hits the ball and it hits the ground before reaching a fielder, it is considered a ground ball.
  • Hit - A hit is when the batter hits the ball, and the fielding team cannot catch it In the air or throw the batter out at any base.
  • Home Plate - The starting position for the batter who attempts to hit the ball so that a runner can run around the bases to score a run.
  • Home Run - If a batter hits the ball and goes over the outfield fence, the hit is called a home run, and the batting team scores a run.
  • Infield - The area on the inner part of the baseball field is called the infield, and the field positions are first base, second base, shortstop, and third base.
  • Inning - The baseball game is divided into nine innings where the two teams have an opportunity at bat. Each team has three outs per inning.
  • Line-up - The order in which a team's batters come to the plate.
  • Out - When a batter or runner is tagged out or forced out, or if the batted ball is caught in the air, an out is recorded.
  • Outfield - The area on the outer part of a baseball field is called the outfield, and the field positions are left field, center field, and right field.
  • Pitcher - This is the name of the player position that pitches the baseball to the batter.
  • Play Ball - The phrase that the umpire uses to signify that the game is going to begin.
  • Relief Pitcher - This is the term for the substitute for the team's starting pitcher.
  • Run - When the team at bat has a player that goes around all the bases and touches home plate, they have scored a run.
  • Runner - A member of the batting team that reaches a base safely is called a runner.
  • Safe - If a batter hits the ball and it is not fielded successfully, the batter is considered safe at the base.
  • Scoring Position - A runner reaching the second base is considered to be in a scoring position.
  • Seventh Inning Stretch - In the seventh inning, people attending the game stand and sing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game" to keep up player morale and have a stretch break. 
  • Single - If the batter hits the ball and it is not caught, it is called a single if the batter reaches first base safely.
  • Starting Pitcher - The pitcher that starts the game for a team.
  • Strike - When the pitcher throws the ball to the batter, and if the batter misses the ball or if it is in the strike zone, it is considered a strike.
  • Strikeout - If the pitcher throws three strikes to the batter, it is a strikeout and is registered as an out for the batting team.
  • Strike Zone - Each batter has an imaginary zone that the umpire uses to call strikes or balls. The strike zone is the width of home plate and goes from the knees to the batter's armpits. A pitch inside that area is a strike, and outside is a ball.
  • Triple Play - When the ball is hit and three players are called out during the play, it is called a triple play.
  • Triple - A triple occurs when the batter hits the ball and can get to third base.
  • Umpire - A official who oversees the course of action in the game.
  • Walk - If a pitcher throws four pitches outside the strike zone to a batter, it would be four balls, meaning the batter earns a walk and takes first base.
  • Wild Pitch - When the catcher cannot catch a pitch cleanly, it is called a wild pitch.

Within 24 hours after the completion of each game please send an email to [email protected] with the following information

1. Division

2. Date of game

3. Home Team name and score

4. Visitor Team name and score


Major Padres vs. Giants 4/1




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